iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Launched

iPhone 14 is officially on Launched is on the display. Rumors about iPhone were over this time we have only two variants of iPhone (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max). These phones have tons of features to discuss and lots of new stuff they bring with them. This time you will have the best iPhone experience ever.

What's New in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max?

iPhone 14 Pro comes with  6.1 inches of OLED display which is much better and you will get a pill type notch Apple call it iceland on the top it's not a nouch which does nothing. This time this nouch will surprise you because it is  your notification bar. iPhone 14 comes with better camera features and now you can set auto focus on your selfies. Greate news haaaa!. 

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a triple camera setup and 6.7 inches of screen with Apple's new chip A16. This time they have upgraded the camera lens to 48 MP which is huge in an iPhone. We have never seen this before. Thanks, Apple is listening to their customers.

This time Apple introduced Always On display which people like the most on Android phones but Apple tried to nail it. Let's see what response Apple get on it's alway on display. 

iPhone 14 pro has all the features which iphone 13 pro max has but with one downside that it has only two camera setup. Iphone 14 Pro is the phone i think people mostly gonna buy because it has all the features people will need. I Hope iPhone 14 Pro will be a huge success like the iPhone 11.

Apple also introduced a satellite connection feature which is only usable when you have to make a SOs call but it's only free for 2 years after that you have to pay for it. How many people do you know who travel into remote places where they don’t have cell phone service?

Downsides of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro max

Apple alway do something new and sometimes it makes people go crazy. This time Apple removed the physical sim slot and only the eSim option is available. It’s nuts because those people who travel alot they can’t change sims and who knows their is always a eSim available in all countries where they travel or not. If they don’t have eSim in the country then this phone is useless. 

Apple did  not change its design, instead they increased the camera bump :) Why don't they change their phone design? I think that Apple is so confident that people will gonna  buy it whatever design iPhone 14 have.

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