Samsung A53 5G vs Samsung A13 5G honest Review. Which is Best?

Samsung A53 5G vs Samsung A13 5G honest Review. Which is Best?
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Samsung A53 5G Price Specification and Honest Review vs Samsung A13 5G Price Specification, Camera and Honest Review. Which is best for you which one to buy?

Samsung makes one of the best phones for its customers. Samsung targets all types of users who want Low budget phones, Mid Range Phones and Flagship phones. Samsung never disappoint its customers and give them best in a very limited budget. Samsung phones are easy to repair and have very low repair cost but flagship phones have different scenarios because they have very expensive displays, almost the price of a mid range phone. In this big market you need a phone of your choice which is not heavy on your pocket and you have the best options in your phone, So here we are to make it easy for you to buy the phone which best fits for you. Here is a comparison of Samsung A13 and Samsung A53 which is best choice for you.

Samsung A13 Mid Range Phone Review

Samsung A13 is a Mid range phone with tear drop nouch. People like this phone because it has a very low price and has a triple camera setup which is enough for those people who don’t much love taking photos and making videos. Samsung A13 has less battery consumption because of its LCD display which is a cheap display for any phone and the main reason for the huge price drop. You have a better display from most of the phones but still not as good as AMOLED and OLED displays. You may struggle during day time in direct sunlight because LCD displays are not as much brighter as AMOLED and OLED. It is worth mentioning that Samsung displays are the best in the market and Samsung also makes display screens for the iPhone which is proof that Samsung has done a great, great job in display and design. 

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung A13 Camera performance

Camera quality of Samsung phones is also extraordinary. People cannot say that Samsung A13 photos are from cheap phone cameras. Samsung A13 comes with a triple camera setup. This phone performs very well. 50 MP of main sensor, 2 MP of depth sensor and 2 MP of macro sensor make your photographs like a pro. Samsung A13 5MP selfie camera is not that great but it's enough for your video calling and selfies.

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung A13 6.5 inches of LCD Display

Samsung A13 has 6.5 inches of beautiful LCD display with tear drop nouch. Due to the LCD display it is not much brighter as AMOLED displays but it helps you to save your battery life to keep your phone alive all day long. LCD displays are best for low battery consumption but they are also not good as AMOLED displays in bright daylight.


Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung A13 5G Processor and Memory

Samsung A13 comes with MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor which is enough for this phone with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of Storage. Octa Core 5G processor can easily run your multitasking and games but it can’t handle heavy games. It's good for normal use. Expandable storage makes it easy to install a memory card into your phone to expand storage.

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung A13 5G Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung A13 has a side mounted fingerprint sensor which is at optimal locations easy to reach to lock and unlock your phone.

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Smartphone

Samsung A13 5G 5000 mAh battery

Samsung A13 5G has 5000 mAh of battery with 15W of fast charging. Due to the LCD display this phone battery can last 2 days with normal use every day and charge quickly with 15 Watts of fast charging.

Is the Samsung A13 5G worth buying or not?

Samsung A13 5G is best for those who need a phone for their daily use device with all the features of a modern day phone, not expensive, easy on the pocket then absolutely you need to buy this phone. This device will never disappoint you because of its performance. 

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Samsung A53 5G Smartphone worth buying?

Samsung A53 5G is somehow close to the flagship series. Samsung A53 5G is the best smartphone in the market with all the flagship features in a mid range phone. Samsung A53 5G comes with a beautiful design and display. Samsung A53 is made of plastic with a premium look. Samsung A53 5G has a 6.5 Super AMOLED display which is one of the best in the market. When we compare it to the Samsung A13 5G it's far better. Let's take a look at Samsung A53 5G features.

SAMSUNG Galaxy A53 5G A Series Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 128GB, 6.5” FHD Super AMOLED Screen, Long Battery Life, US Version, Black

Samsung A53 AMOLED 5.6 inches of FHD+ display

Samsung has the world's most beautiful smartphone displays. Samsung AMOLED displays are very beautiful displays in the market. Samsung A53 5G has a Super AMOLED display with 120 Hz of refresh rate. It is very easy to use in bright sunlight, watching videos and playing games is the best experience on a Samsung A53 5G smartphone.

Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung A53 5G Camera setup

Samsung A53 5G has 12MP(F2.2) ultra wide camera, 64 MP(F1.8) main camera, 5MP depth sensor and 5MP macro sensor. Samsung has a 32MP(F2.2) selfie camera which is great and best in the market.

Intelligent camera

Samsung A53 5G Processor and memory

Samsung A53 5G comes with Exynos 1280 5G processor is powerful and you will be not disappointed while playing games multi tasking. Phone will never feels slow and lagy. Its smooth sharp and fast performance phone. Samsung A53 5G has 6GB of ram and 128 GB of storage option which can be expandable with micro SD card.

Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung A53 5G 5000 mAh battery

Samsung A53 has 5000 mAh of battery which fast chagrin 25 Watts. This phone can last a day easily with normal use. If you keep using 120Hz refresh rate then your phone will die in between a day. Display is power consuming so you need to be careful when you have no charging port available to charge it in the middle of the day.

Long-lasting battery

Is the Samsung A53 5G worth buying?

Samsung A53 5G is one of the best mid range smartphones with a beautiful design with large AMOLED bright display, best camera setup with best performance at a mid range price. If you can afford it then you buy it you will never regret your decision it's one the best choice you made.

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