PTA Taxes in Pakistan are very high for used phones

Mobile phones are very common in this era. Every one need it. Even kids want phone to play games. Adults use it to communicate with others. We are deep down in social media and never miss anything which we do not share on social media. Peoples need phones for their every day needs. Pakistan is not different in all that but Government imposes taxes on import of Phones which are very high and due to dollar price hike, these rates are going higher. Mobile industry is affected with these types of taxes. These issues cause many problems for buyers and also for merchants.

2. Government wants to collect as much taxes as then can. They are pushing people as much as they can to the edge of poverty. This is not with mobile industry this is also the case of in all things. Items which are used on daily basis have the same scenario.

Government needs to lift these taxes or reduce these taxes to give relief to this country people. These taxes calculation is not correct for example if you are buying iPhone which is 400 $ in 2015 and you are purchasing used in 2020 theses taxes will be the same even these taxes are more then the price of the used phone. Government need to encourage Mobile companies to bring industries to Pakistan like Tecno and vivo.

3. People of Pakistan need to encourage those industries which are investing in Pakistan. Those products which are made in Pakistan are less expensive and affordable. Imports also effects on our economy. Rumors are that Samsung will soon start to making their phones in Pakistan.

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